Author. Comedian. Marketer. Speaker. Entertainer.

I believe that everyone has the capacity to be creative, successful, and fulfilled.

Emotional Intelligence + Creative Expression + Positive Action

Over the past decade, I’ve dedicated much of my time to helping students, employees, and corporate leaders build emotional intelligence, develop macro- and micro-communication skills, and drive personal & career growth. I’ve written three books, and have presented or taught workshops at organizations like New York University, Allstate Insurance, EY, and The Hearst Corporation. My work has appeared in top media outlets such as The New York Times, Digiday, Fast Company, and Forbes

Comedy is also a big part of my own personal and professional life. Since 2010, I’ve performed hundreds of times, co-founded recurring live shows in both New York City and Los Angeles, and taught comedic methodology to businesses and organizations nationwide. Thank you for checking out my site, I hope you find value and I look forward to connecting!

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“[The] creative power of human beings is unlimited. No problem is beyond solution if we apply our creative power. Bill Connolly’s book has attempted to draw our attention to it.”
Professor Muhammad Yunus
Nobel Peace Laureate, Founder, Grameen Bank, Chairman, Yunus Centre

Books by Bill Connolly

Funny Business

Learn how comedic methodology can help you strengthen your emotional intelligence, feel more confident in social situations, and perform more effectively in the workplace.

Featuring interviews with professional comedians, business leaders, and coaches. 

The Success Disconnect

Society has for generations used the same one-size-fits-all approach to measuring the success of a human life: money, power, and honors. And yet, the way we feel success is much more complex. In this book, learn how to build a path to success that will align with your own personal values and priorities. 


The benefits of creative expression are abundant, for both personal and societal growth. While technology has allowed us to create like never before, it has also resulted in a sense of overwhelming distraction. In this book, learn habits from creative luminaries that can help you reignite your own creativity.

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